Student Coin: Explaining the platform and STC token

What exactly is Student Coin?

Student Coin, launched in 2019, is an Ethereum-based platform that allows users to create and manage personal, startup, NFT, and DeFi tokens with various specific features. As the token economy grows, the Student Coin team set an ambitious goal: to let anyone, regardless of blockchain or coding skills, create their own token. The project’s community already has over 290,000 members from 36 different nations. The STC coin is traded on 10 exchanges, including KuCoin, Uniswap, and BitGlobal.
Unlike other projects that offer token creation services, Student Coin went above and beyond.It does not simply mint tokens for a charge, but instead provides an entire ecosystem that allows you to utilize your token’s potential fully. So, let’s take a closer look at the items available from Student Coin for organizations and individuals.

STC Terminal

STC Terminal

The STC Terminal is where your journey begins if you wish to generate your token using the Student Coin platform. It is an essential tool with an easy-to-use UI that allows you to generate your token and set parameters such as name, symbol, price, starting supply, cap, and ability to burn or mint new tokens. The currently supported standard is ERC-20, which keeps track of fungible tokens and ensures that all produced tokens have equal value and no special rights. However, the roadmap anticipates the addition of the NFT option in the future. The STC Terminal now supports Wallet Connect or Metamask accounts, but the company plans to provide STC Wallet integration soon.

STC Wallet

STC Wallet

The Student Coin Wallet is intended to be the heart of the Student Coin ecosystem. Users will be able to execute trades on the STC Exchange once it is fully operational. Seasonal airdrops of STC-based and partner tokens are also distributed to wallet owners. It also allows users to stake STC coins at a variable rate and receive a portion of the platform transaction fees. Aside from the continuing STC Terminal and Wallet integration, the team will enable fiat deposits and withdrawals shortly.

STC Exchange

STC Exchange

The introduction of the STC Exchange, on which the team is now working, will be a significant milestone in the project’s development. According to the Student Coin team, the exchange will be distinguished by its modern and user-friendly design, making it suited for new and experienced traders alike. In addition, developers promise simple integration for emerging native coins as well as advanced market-making APIs and trading tools. It means that users will be able to start ICOs directly from the site. Their tokens will be posted on the STC Exchange alongside the STC trading pair and will be available on mobile devices via the STC wallet. And that’s fantastic news, considering how long and demanding the waitlists are on many exchanges. The STC Exchange will make ICOs less complicated and more accessible to startups.

STC Academy

Student Coin Academy is a comprehensive training platform that helps crypto newcomers get their feet wet in the industry. It offers high-quality blockchain, digital assets, innovative technologies, and investing courses. As more crypto aficionados enter the market, the Student Coin team expects that the Academy will promote tokenization and crypto-asset usage and raise a new generation of tech-savvy investors. STC Academy intends to extend the number of topics covered in the future and to put more effort into developing a community of students and academics around the platform.

STC Token

Although STC Token does not technically fit under the “product category,” the evaluation would be incomplete if it did not highlight its function in the Student Coin ecosystem. STC is used as a reference currency for all network operations. By owning STC, an investor effectively owns a portion of every token ever generated on the Student Coin network. In addition to being a payment option, STC also functions as a utility token, allowing holders to influence strategic decisions made in Student Coin by voting in polls. The amount of STC determines the weight of the user’s vote.

Student Coin Prospects

Although the project is still in its early stages, it has already assembled a strong team of developers and a loyal community. The STC’s market cap is now $24,000,000, giving it a market rank of 516. However, as Student Coin builds its cryptocurrency news portal, Coinpaper, and prepares to launch STC Exchange, we expect it to enter the Top 300 by 2022. Hopefully, the project will continue to strengthen its ecology and attract many users.

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