Fetch.ai Announces DabbaFlow

Fetch.ai Announces DabbaFlow, a Platform for File Sharing and Data Management

DabbaFlow was just released by the development team at Fetch.ai, which is creating an open-source, machine learning-powered network for smart infrastructure and configurable decentralized applications (dApps).

In a press release, Fetch.ai said that the ready-made, end-to-end encrypted file-sharing system is the first of its kind and would allow businesses and other entities to take control of their data in a private and secure way. Notably, DabbaFlow takes advantage of the Fetch.ai blockchain to make sure that all sensitive data sent on its rails stays private. All of the data that flows through the product will be safe and auditable, which is important for a business’s reputation.

The solution was needed because of the exponential growth of online data, which was sped up by the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. As more businesses move online and upload data, hackers and other people who shouldn’t be able to get in are more likely to do so. The victims and businesses can be hurt by these breaches, especially if they work in data-sensitive fields like healthcare and finance. Loss of business and damage to the entity’s reputation can make it harder for it to grow, work with partners, or even do business.

So, the need for a safe way to share files is of the utmost importance.

Fetch.ai offers a solution at the right time for businesses that want to use a better product in the digital age to protect data from unauthorized access while still letting it be used.

dabbaflow by fetch ai

Humayun Sheikh, the founder and CEO of Fetch.ai, says that DabbaFlow is a file transfer system and a data management tool that can be used to make “powerful AI models.”

If data is the new oil, then we require modern oil rigs and refineries. People are starting to realize how important their information is. New business models are emerging as the paradigm shifts toward more secure and decentralized solutions. DabbaFlow is here to give you the data management tools you need to make powerful AI models that work on a distributed web.

DabbaFlow has multiple layers of encryption, high performance, and user control, all while staying private and safe. The people who made Fetch.ai say that it is their first step toward their overall goal of connecting artificial intelligence to the web. The tool will give Fetch.ai’s CoLearn a reliable data layer with strong controls, as well as a system for transferring files. With this rule, it’s easier for clients to use data and interact with machine learning models for deeper, more thorough analysis.

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